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The cost-optimal high-tech final solution for all environments.

EXTREME BEARING Washdown Bearing Housings

We act as the exclusive distribution partner for EXTREME BEARING in German-speaking countries. Together with you, we configure your desired stainless steel housing unit with appropriate seals, even for extreme areas of application, and deliver them to you pre-assembled.


EXTREME BEARING Washdown Bearing Housings

EXTREME BEARING Washdown Bearing Housings are the cost-optimal high-tech end-of-line solution for all environments such as (e.g. in the food processing industry) in which aggressive influences (salt, moisture, dirt, chemicals) affect the bearing units used and significantly shorten the service life of the bearing units.

Problematic use of plastic housings

Plastic housings can only withstand aggressive environments to a degree until failure occurs due to swelling, brittleness or fatigue due to the application of high mechanical forces, with all the negative consequences for production and the associated costs.

Problematic use of gray cast iron housings

Gray cast iron housings can withstand higher forces, but rust in aggressive environments and cannot be used in food technology due to hygiene regulations.

Problematic use of bearings made of stainless steel (e.g. bearing SUC 210)

High price, limitation when absorbing forces (softer, stainless steel; high wear) and the only protection from the environment is only provided by a sealing washer on the bearing itself. The only advantage: food-safe in combination with food-safe fat.

Extreme Bearing

The optimal solution for industrial ball bearing units

With a high-end sealing solution, assemblies from EXTREME BEARING enable the user to use the housing made of stainless steel F316 (1.4404) in combination with the appropriate choice of grease, ball bearings made of roller bearing steel (e.g. 100Cr6) in aggressive environments and thus save the Use of expensive storage solutions made of softer, stainless steel, weak plastic housings or rusting gray cast iron housings.

EXTREME BEARING construction options

  • Selection of the right EXTREME BEARING bearing housing for every application
  • Selection of the right EXTREME BEARING sealing solution
  • Selection of the right lubricant solution
  • Design as a loss of grease lubrication variant or pressure-tight variant

Independence from bearing manufacturers


  • Higher system reliability through the use of more heavily designed bearings
  • Reduction of costs over time for the plant operator
  • Up to 5 times higher load capacity of the storage unit

Practical example:
Bearing survival time for assemblies of a customer in the mussel processing industry in the Netherlands could be optimized from 3-4 months to 6 years with assemblies from EXTREME BEARING.

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